#incomereport Sep 04, 2018

Welcome to August's online income report where I show you how much money I made. Last month, I wrote my first income report (read if you're new here) to clear some of the smoke and mirrors that the coaching industry can communicate like "A $20,000 launch!" Like.. what? Most people sign-up for payment plans, so coaches are most likely not making that each month. *I share money earned, not money planned. Entrepreneurship takes consistency, time, energy, and patience.

I'm in it for the long run! 

I left my job as a student affairs professional in 2015 for a higher ed tech startup job. I left that job in January 2018 and haven't looked back! 

How was my business income in August?

I earned $4281.58 in August, before expenses. 

I made just over $500 more than July. If I had a month like this every month, my salary would be $51,378.96. 

August was a great month connecting and serving clients (major life breakthroughs and career transitions). I also traveled to Denver, Colorado for 5-6 days where we stayed with friends and explored Boulder. It was fun to take my business on the road!! 

This month last year I was still making $50/month... ish. I share this because I want you to know that it can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to 3 years to replace your 9-5 income. I'm shooting for 10k months by this time next year because "they say" it takes about $100,000 to replace the value of your 9-5. Honestly though, I already FEEL so abundant and wealthy because I have way more time to do what I love, focus on my health, and be surrounded by high vibrational clients and people. I love what I do so much

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like

Coaching: $2855.58

Nannying: $1406

*Selling old student affairs books: $20

A really great way to feel more abundance in the form of money is to sell your shit. Use smartphone apps like Let Go, Offer Up, and Facebook Marketplace. I also sell and trade my clothes once a month to change up my wardrobe. If I'm traveling somewhere, I generally buy what I need before the trip, borrow friends clothes, or head to a consignment store #minimalism. The process of creating new clothing uses a lot of water, and I choose to support local businesses in my community.

Website/Blog News

Last month I had 628 unique visitors stop by my website and I'm JUMPING UP AND DOWN because that's doubled in one month. Yahoo!

Traffic was divided evenly from Facebook and Instagram which makes sense because those are the primary platforms that I use right now, along with LinkedIn, Twitter, and my monthly newsletter.

Plans for My Business

  • I created and launched the group coaching program called SA Pro to CEO! I am so hyped about this because it's needed for student affairs professionals who want to grow their side hustle or business. I was there - it's hard to manage it all. So I teach you how to build a strong foundation and start making money. It launched last week, and so far we have an AMAZING group of people signed up. Enrollment ends this week! Message me on Facebook or Instagram for details
  • The community group Higher Ed Entrepreneurs & Student Affairs Side Hustlers continues to grow. This is a Facebook group where you can self-promote your offerings and create conscious community about what it actually looks like to be an entrepreneur. We are almost at the 400 mark! I'm honestly thinking about removing people from the group at the end of the year who haven't engaged since they joined. I'm focused on quality conversations and people who want to SHOW UP. 
  • My niche product will hopefully be launched at the end of this month, but I'm really focused on having a great trip to Bali, Indonesia, so I may launch it once I get back. We'll see! 
  • I'm learning how to automate some of my business processes. Most of my business is active not passive, meaning I may take a hit to my income in October since I'll be out of the country. I'm learning to get creative, resourceful, and planning accordingly! I'm able to write-off this trip because it's a month long training, sooo YAY, bring on tax season!!
  • Speaking of taxes and finances, I met with a financial coach to understand how to stay organized as a coach and in business during my first year. I was feeling like a hot mess, and I invested in myself (also a write-off) so I can remove that worry. I'm feeling abundant AF! 
  • Still planning on having more fun. I had fun a few times outside of work, but I'm still working on this. Every time I have more fun, I find that I make more money. I have a lot of fun creating and being in my business that it's hard to separate it sometimes.

How was August for you? 

Feel free to send me questions or comments on Facebook, Instagram or my email: [email protected] Thanks for reading! 


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