#incomereport Jan 09, 2019

left my job January 2nd, 2018 and felt complete relief.

Now I get to look back on one entire year of building my business and serving student affairs professionals who have wanted to create their own business or side hustle as well!

I worked with clients in three different countries: the United States, Mexico + Bali, Indonesia. I taught them how to gain confidence in building and launching their business.

I also supported student affairs professionals who wanted to leave their job who were on the search for optimum work/life integration.

Overall 2018 was a really great year!

My intention for 2019 is WILD EXPANSION. And unencumbered growth.

I’m focused on serving more people and sharing my message. I’m so passionate about helping people align with who they are and creating a business or profitable side hustle so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck. The clients I attract are focused on financial freedom/independence and want to feel more ALIVE.

Here, I recap December and 2018 income!


December’s Income Report

I earned $3390.33 in December, before expenses.

I spent this month planning for upcoming group coaching programs and welcoming new 1:1 clients for Jan/Feb. I wrapped up relationships with clients, and that’s why this has been my lowest coaching month to date - and lowest nannying month - they didn’t need me during the holidays.

I still met my income goal - which right now is between $3-$5k each month. This helps pay for my health insurance, rent, and save some money. In 2019, my income goal will be between $5k-10k, and I’m starting to get really creative in ways I can serve more people. By increasing my income, I’ll be able to hire a VA by the end of the year. My dream is to be able to provide higher ed coaches with remote jobs one day. We’ll see what that evolves into!

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like

Coaching: $1877.83

Nannying: $965.50

Reiki: $47

Affiliate Income: $500

December’s Expense Report

I didn’t have any expenses to report back on this month besides coffee as fuel (seriously - I write off coffee when I work at nearby coffee shops)!

Right now, I am saving up money to hire my past business coach, Erin Nicole Porter, who has helped me scale and think about my business in various ways. Erin used to work in higher education as well, and that’s why we click so well! I believe coaches and entrepreneurs should always have a coach or should be exploring/working on some area of self-development consistently.

My favorite recent investments from previous months are my BlueBird Microphone for podcasting and client calls, and my Diva Ring Light for my desk for Facebook Live Trainings.

Intentions + Plans for 2019

Launching all of the things I was too scared to do in 2018.

Anyone in the same boat as me?

How was 2018 for you?



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