#incomereport Mar 21, 2019

Hello fellow worthy human being!

If you’re new to these posts, feel free to check out my transparent track record of becoming a business owner:

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August Income Report - $4281.58

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January Income Report - $6392.33

I used to work in student affairs and a higher education startup company and I was done trading time for money.

I knew the value of my work and my worth was much more.

So I left and started my own biz!

I absolutely love working for myself.

I’m falling in love with slow mornings, supporting amazing clients chasing their side hustle or biz dreams, leaving their 9-5s, and of course spending more time with my family and outside in beautiful Florida weather.

I feel FREE to create my own income and my own schedule.
I feel empowered and I want everyone to feel this way.

Thank you for stopping by to read this month’s income report. I’d love to hear from you!

February’s Income Report

I made $6005.08 in February.

This was my second month hitting just over the $6k mark and I really attribute it to creating multiple streams of aligned income, and focusing on doing what I love.

If every month were like this month, my projected revenue for the year will be around $72,060.96.

In my full-time job in higher education I made $2200/month minus taxes. I’ve been able to almost triple my income by working for myself in just over a year. YAHOO!

Here is a breakdown of what my business revenue looked like:

Coaching: $4355.83

Workbooks: $66

Yoga Nidra: $25

Affiliate: $500

Nannying: $1058.25

Expenses didn’t change too much from last month other than cancelling some subscriptions I no longer need. I’m not sure it helps my audience to publish expenses, so I’m thinking about how to best serve my audience and myself next month in this area!

What’s on your radar for the rest of March and April?

Feel free to send me an email to connect or a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Always rooting for you!



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