#incomereport Feb 03, 2019

January is over and 2019 has been off to a great start!

I had a lot of requests for what my expenses look like, so I’m sharing that too.

I started this series in July of 2018, so feel free to head there on more about my “why” for sharing my income publicly (click here).


January’s Income Report

I made $6392.33 in total for January.

This is my biggest revenue generating month to date - my second was in September at around $5k.

If every month were like this month, my projected revenue for the year will be around $76,700.

In November and December, I was battling mild adrenal fatigue because I was overstimulated after transitioning back to the States after meditating for a month in Bali (I know, poor me right?). I learned a lot about myself. In order to CREATE I truly need to “slow down to speed up” and this held true for January.

Last year I invested all of the money I made back into my business. This means I didn’t pay taxes.

I’m so happy I finally released my workbook! That was a big accomplishment that I wanted to do ALL last year in my business, but it wasn’t a priority.

My goal is $5k - $10k months for 2019. This will be the first year I can put away some money for the long term and put investing on my radar. This will also enable Gio and I to live the life we want to live for a few years: full-time RV-ing. We tried to make this happen last year, but it wasn’t the right time. Gio also left his full-time job to become an entrepreneur, so he is right behind me.

It’s empowering that we can create our own income.


Here is a breakdown of what my business revenue looked like:

Coaching: $5026.58

Workbook: $231

Nannying: $1134.75

Reiki: $0

Affiliate Income: $0

Total Revenue: $6392.33


Here is a breakdown of what my business expenses looked like:

Brand Photography: $62.50

Business Coaching: $1111

Online Course: $22

TurboTax: $129.28

Workbook Editing: $35.00

Zoom: $54.99

Instagram Preset: $9.99

SendOwl Software: $7.84

And.co processing fees: $159.38

PayPal processing fees: $13.02

Spotify: $9.99

Work Lunch: $7.82

Health insurance: $17

Expense total: $1626.79


Net Income: $4765.54


February Intentions

  • Facebook Live trainings in the Higher Ed Entrepreneur + Student Affairs Side Hustler Facebook group that I host with Joanne Machin (click here to join).

  • An educational social media group focused on Instagram Stories + Facebook Live Videos to Sell (DM me if you want to join, it’s private right now).

  • I’ll be launching a social media mini-course teaching people how to create authentically aligned social media content and selling without feeling salesy - keep a look out!

  • I have 2 coaching spots open right now, and I’m hoping to find a new client who is interested in a mixture of spirituality, business/side hustle, and self-development. My coaching sessions are partially client led, partially intuitive, and I offer coaching tools to dive deeper depending what the client wants to focus on. A large part of my coaching is helping clients shift their perspective and start changing beliefs they have over time to new beliefs they create, which helps them create boundaries and be in their power. I’m very passionate about lifestyle design and helping people make more than enough money whether it be a side hustle or full-time business.


How was February for you?

If you’re interested in working together 1:1 whether it’s a one-time coaching call or for 3 months, feel free to DM me on Facebook or Instagram.



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