#incomereport Dec 17, 2018

It’s been hard transitioning back from Bali y’all.

I feel like I’ve been procrastinating on “work”, but I’ve been completely overstimulated by technology, people, and being back in real life in the United States.

I’ve reflected on what I want my life to be like, and one day, it will be far away from a computer and smartphones.

On that note… let’s begin!

Welcome to November’s Income Report!

First off: HI MOM!!!

Shoutout to one of my biggest supporters who reads my blog every month. She was one of the first people to sign-up for my newsletter, and she recently told me that she opens and reads each one, each word. I’m so grateful for her support. She is my best friend!

As I write this, I realize this is the first month I wasn’t glued to balancing my income and expenses. I missed 2 money dates which is out of the ordinary for me, I usually sit down every week with a nice cup of coffee and express gratitude for my money and my amazing clients who are looking to CHANGE, because ultimately that’s what keeps my business going. I’ve started to refer my clients as “truth tellers” because they are all searching for their truth in some way. Clients, how do you feel about this label? I think it’s amazing (obviously). I’m actually thinking about starting a super private and intimate community with folx in my inner circle. I think social media self-care in terms of online support is in order real soon.

How was my income in November?

I earned $3979.48 in November, before expenses.

I’m adding business expenses next month folx! I received requests last month, so I’ll incorporate them starting in 2019! I’m pretty open about what I invest in, but I guess it’s fun to read it somewhere on my website as well. I’m debating whether to share both my personal and business, it’s a lot to put out there - I’m asking myself what I truly afraid of. I’ll get back to you!

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like

Coaching: $2813

Nannying: $1136.48

Reiki: $0

Affiliate Income: $0

Furniture: $30

We moved and sold a coffee table! We were hoping to sell more, but we realized we didn’t have too much to sell, and decided to donate things like books to a local organization called BlueBird Books Bus. They promote reading and a culture that makes books accessible to people of all ages, which I love! My parents were able to bring us to the library often, and I’m grateful they surrounded me with books as a child.

I didn’t have any new coaching clients begin, because I could only hold space for the clients I already had. I was still in meditation mode from Bali. I wasn’t overly focused on receiving or creating money this month, which I felt good about, I actually feel a wave of client, community, and financial abundance coming in December and January with new coaching offerings. I think I’ll see the fluctuation of money with my ability to trust and create. I almost feel like I’m harnessing some of my energy and I’ll be slowly dripping it out over the coming months. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Website/Blog News

Last month I had 1,169 pageviews with 531 unique visitors. Meaning they visited multiple pages while on my site.

Most of my traffic comes from Facebook, which is just really funny to me. I “convert” a lot of people from Instagram. I’ll be experimenting with this more moving forward!

Plans for My Business

  1. I’m launching SA Pro to CEO again in January. New content, new things. More engagement. People who were in Cohort 1 can invest $47 for updated content and to stay in the group for momentum and accountability, and anything else they need! 1:1 current clients have free access to all of my digital online courses. New cohort members will invest $333 for 4 weeks of live trainings and support - every single day! (Payment plans available) Almost everyone in the first cohort gained massive clarity on their business and/or launched their business. It was freakin’ amazing to witness.

  2. I’m launching a money mindset group coaching program SOON. I can’t talk more about it until… soon.

  3. I’m launching a self-guided workbook. Shit, I’m so excited.

  4. I launched a free social media challenge for January - if you’d like to be held accountable in a highly engaged and private Facebook group and get brand new ideas around your business, you won’t want to miss this. Message me on FB if you’d like to join.

  5. The community group Higher Ed Entrepreneurs & Student Affairs Side Hustlers continues to grow. This is a Facebook group where you can self-promote your offerings and create conscious community about what it actually looks like to be an entrepreneur in higher ed and student affairs. It’s more than doubled to 605 members since July. Joanne Machin joined me as a administrator on the group to help inspire and hold free live trainings.

  6. I’m hoping to incorporate meditation and reiki ONLINE as a cornerstone of my business. I don’t talk about this often online, and I’m excited to bring it into my brand online.

  7. My first podcast is ALMOST done. It will be called The “Authentically Kayley” Podcast.

Each month, it feels really good to write out how far I’ve come and what I have planned.

Last year at this time I was making $50/month and kicking my feet. If you’d like to schedule a free clarity call with me related to life or biz, don’t be afraid to reach out! I’m here to chat.

How was November for you?

Feel free to send me questions or comments on Facebook, Instagram or my email: [email protected] Thanks for reading!


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