#incomereport Nov 14, 2018

Welcome to October’s income report!

In July, I wrote my first income report and it was SO popular, that I decided to continue providing these each month.

How was my business income in October?

I earned $4149.00 in October, before expenses. 

I think this is my second largest month to date. In September, I celebrated my first 5k month.

I made $1443.25 less than I did in September because I traveled to Bali, Indonesia and was offline for practically the whole month. I’m still celebrating this awesome accomplishment! If I had a month like this every month, my yearly salary would be $49,788.00.

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like

Coaching: $4149

Nannying: $0
Reiki: $0

Affiliate income: $0

In October I focused on creating space in my life and in my business (which for me are the same).

The community group Higher Ed Entrepreneurs & Student Affairs Side Hustlers continues to grow. This is a Facebook group where you can self-promote your offerings and create conscious community about what it actually looks like to be an entrepreneur. We are over 500 members strong!

Website/Blog News

I had 272 unique visitors stop by my website, and 445 page visits. People spending time looking at my 1.5 - 2 pages while they’re on my site.

November Intentions

LAUNCHING. Something amazing. Stay tuned! *Message me about my FREE Masterclass about starting your own biz or side hustle - Sunday at 5pm EST.
TAKING ON NEW CLIENTS. So excited I get to continue working with amazing folx.

LOVING LIFE - and teaching others how to thrive and feel the same.

Also responding to hate mail that I get. Yeah, it’s a thing. My vibration and alignment are so strong though, I laughed when I saw I had trolls.

So what do I do?

I remind them that it’s their choice to be in my online energy. They can leave at any time.

I visualize cutting an energy cord with them. I have to protect my energy. It’s the number one priority in my life. Energy is linked to everything: my clients, my business… my life. I don’t compromise on this area.

Then, I move on with my day because unless it’s something other than hating on my life, then I’m all set.

P.S. If you have real feedback, of course I’ll listen. I don’t stand for yelling or making fun of people for pursuing their dreams.

P.P.S. Big things are coming to my online community - so if you’re looking for real support around starting your side hustle or biz in higher ed/student affairs, join our corner of the internet (it’s fun and laidback… and helpful, I promise).

How was October for you?

Feel free to send me questions or comments on Facebook, Instagram or my email: [email protected] Thanks for reading + your support always!


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