#incomereport Oct 06, 2018

Welcome to September’s online income report!

In July, I wrote my first income report and it was popular, so I’m going to continue providing these each month. They definitely stack on top of each other, so to put some of this in context you may want to explore the August income report.

How was my business income in September?

I earned $5592.25 in September, before expenses. 

THIS IS MY FIRST 5K MONTH IN BUSINESS!! I am celebrating here in Bali, Indonesia. I love serving clients, and I love what I do. This is my Zone of Genius.

I made $1310.67 more than I did in August. If I had a month like this every month, my salary would be $67,106.64.

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like

Coaching: $3994

Nannying: $1501.25
Reiki: $97

This past month I focused on launching and welcoming the first cohort of SA Pro to CEO, an online group coaching program. It was AMAZING. The people who showed up and took action saw so much momentum in their business. I’m hoping to run this program again in the upcoming months, if you’re interested definitely send me a message and let me know, I’m creating a list of people to notify once I have a date set!

The community group Higher Ed Entrepreneurs & Student Affairs Side Hustlers continues to grow. This is a Facebook group where you can self-promote your offerings and create conscious community about what it actually looks like to be an entrepreneur. We are over 500 members strong!

Website/Blog News

I had 497 unique visitors stop by my website.

October Intentions

Meditating in Bali until November. Letting go, releasing old programming, and welcoming more 1:1 clients into my business - I have a few spots left for 2018, and THAT’S IT. I’ll be booked and starting a waitlist for the first time in my business.

I’ll still be publishing a blog post like this for October, so stay tuned! I expect my income will be down, since I won’t be actively nannying or doing reiki. I’m prepared for a lower income month, but still excited that I’ll be receiving income because of pre-planning a bit.

How was September for you? 

Feel free to send me questions or comments on Facebook, Instagram or my email: [email protected] Thanks for reading! 


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