Life Coaching


"Working with Kayley has been such an enlightening experience. She is so easy to talk to and confide in. Kayley came into my life at a time where I needed someone to put me back on the right path to self-love and motivation. Together, we talked about what areas of my life we could work on, to better my life and achieve my goals. Through my coaching with Kayley, I was able to explore more positive ways to view myself, work through my anxiety and delve into areas of my life that needed uplifting. I have gained so much insight with respect to myself, and how I view the world. I will continue to use the tools and positive energy that Kayley has inspired me with. I really appreciate the positive impact Kayley's coaching has had on my life and I highly recommend her to anyone is open to improving their life.”

“I always thought of life coaching as something folks do when they’ve run out of self-help books to read. I now realize life coaching is so much more than a face-to-face self-help book—it’s an opportunity to completely reframe your state of being. As an actor and director, I’ve always been able to reframe my thoughts and feelings through character development and story arcs. Within our sessions I was finally able to do that through my own voice and not using a character as a crutch. Kayley’s willingness to ride the journey of self-discovery with me rather than take over in the driver’s seat made a world of a difference. Each session was focused on my goals and the skills she could help me hone rather than being prescribed a specific path to follow.”

“I started having coaching sessions with Kayley while I was working through a tough relationship. It was easy to open up to her because she listened to everything I was experiencing. By working together, Kayley has helped me have breakthroughs around my living situation as well as my own self-worth and relationships. She challenged me to think in new and different ways, pushed me to make myself a priority, and helped me process things that came up in my life. She was able to help give me other perspectives, help me trust myself, work on my self-worth, and change my thoughts around money. Through our sessions, I have learned to reframe my thinking to be more positive and uplifting, to ask for what I deserve, and trust that I am making the right decisions and that I will always be supported in those decisions.”

single session

This is a deep dive session to help you release fear, strengthen intuition or re-design a certain area of life. 

This package includes access to all digital products offered.

Follow up support via e-mail.

Investment: $111/one hour or $222/two hours

6 weeks

In these sessions, you will gain clarity around what you truly desire, and receive guidance through coaching, radical self-care initiatives, and accessing your own abundance.

Format: 1 deep dive session to create clarity + a vision for where you want to go; weekly 60 minute coaching sessions (via phone or Zoom); weekly homework after each session; 24/7 access to me for any + all questions, support via Voxer app

This package includes access to all digital products offered, and half off future group coaching program offers. All private clients receive free access to any group programs launched while simultaneously receiving 1:1 coaching.

This investment is $1111.

on-the-go Coaching

One month of private Voxer (walkie talkie + messaging app) and Facebook Messager Coaching.

Want me in your corner for 1 whole month of on-the-go mindset coaching? We’ll use daily Voxer, text and audio messaging as I coach you to change your perspective and experiences, and get help hold you accountable in your life.

This investment is $333 for one month with an option to continue.

Additional payment information + options:

***Payment plans available for any coaching offer/package.

Note from Kayley: I provide scholarships on a quarterly basis, and I also aim to work with clients to meet their needs if coaching seems out of reach financially. I don’t believe clients should be turned away for coaching, and take on a handful of clients at a “pay what you can” structure, and work with each individual client to determine a set rate. Please book a call with me if this is a concern, you shouldn’t have to do this thing called life or business on your own. I too could not afford a coach starting out, and worked with a coach to find a payment plan that worked best for the both of us.


If you’re interested in any of these packages, book a call below with Kayley:


Refund Policy

When you buy a package of time with me, I commit to having enough time available to serve you and it affects how many other clients I can take on. For that reason, I don’t offer refunds. If you want to make sure my package is right for you, I suggest booking an hour to start. If you end up wanting a package, I’ll apply the fee for that hour towards the total price. I respect your time as well as my own.