Is this you?

You are getting excited about launching your offers, but you’re not sure how to price your services, and you start to freak out, and potentially hold back from going all out. 

You feel unclear on how to implement inclusive pricing, and on top of that you desire more clarity around what to charge, and how to meet your needs financially. 

You feel stuck around showing up because you want to offer accessible rates so potential clients don’t have to endure a hardship (choosing between putting food on the table, or investing in your offer) AND you’re concerned your cup will never be full if you offer low rates.

This is me!

This is for the person who desires to...

  • Learn how much you actually need to price your services, have an abundant salary, and pay yourself as an entrepreneur 
  • Implement Inclusive Pricing models in a way that aligns to your business mission, vision, and values 
  • Feel comfortable and confident launching from a place of alignment and abundance knowing there are multiple price points grounded in who you are 

Want to know how I’ve successfully implemented Inclusive Pricing to scale my business to six figures?

Inclusive Pricing.

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I’ve been there. 

I know exactly what it’s like to not know how to price for my ideal client, how to build out a product suite in an inclusive and mindful way, and I had no idea how to pay myself as an entrepreneur. 

After countless conversations, I noticed certain themes with clients.

I realized that folx actually couldn’t afford my services 

OR they didn't feel worthy of investing.

The guilt, negative emotions, or self-sabotage stopped them every time,

even if they did have the money.


Womxn and marginalized folx often have no idea what to charge,

and look to others externally to price their services only to be back right where they started. 


As I opened up my first sliding scale offers, my Facebook and Instagram direct messages (DMs) flooded with messages about my coaching services. 

After pinpointing exactly why my clients feel the way they do - educating them from a historical context of oppression, imposter syndrome, etc. now I can help my clients through the sales process in a trauma-informed and empowered way.

In this self-paced and LIVE course, I’m sharing everything you need to know to get started!

In the course we review:  


  • Your Current Revenue, Income, Pricing + Beliefs
  • Inclusive Pricing Models (Sliding scale, pay what you can, etc)
  • Business longevity + sustainability 



✨ Unethical Pricing with VP Wright

✨ Trauma-Informed Sales with Erin Nicole Porter 

✨ Building Multiple Streams of Revenue with Natalie Brite 

Say no more! I'm in!