Reiki Energy Healing

Experience the healing energy of reiki

I facilitate and hold space for human beings who are looking to create more space in the body to heal. Reiki energy, light force energy channeled through my body to another human, helps create space to free blockages within the energetic body, also known as chakras (sanskrit for wheel). We all have energetic wheels located at different points in our body, many people reference the 7 main chakras that help us with energetic alignment.

Reiki is known to relieve stress, inspire creativity, open heart walls, activate intuition, help us connect to nature, relate to the larger consciousness of the world, and so much more.

I grew up with reiki energy healing in my home, and it’s been a healing modality I’ve used throughout my life. My mother used reiki on me as a child, and it’s always felt like a practice that I should share with the world. Through my own experience, I have been able to connect with my own intuitive power.

I was attuned to reiki levels I + II by a local teacher here in Saint Petersburg, and I’m currently working on my master level reiki so I can attune other healers to reiki if they feel that is their path. I also use sound healing, crystals + stones, and essential oils as part of my practice to further energetic alignment with clients.

Reiki is similar to meditation, in that it aligns our chakras. The combination of breath and energy movement allows for healing to occur within the physical and energetic body.

Every reiki session is different dependent on client needs.

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

  • Sessions are held at Intent Space in St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Each one hour session includes 30-40 minutes of reiki healing, essential oils, and crystals or stones placed on or around the body. Reiki energy can be touch or no touch, it is up to the client. After reiki is performed, the body is in a high energetic state which allows us to access inner desires and truth - I ask the client soul questions that help elevate clarity. Each session is confidential.

  • I highly recommend reiki sessions for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur myself, I realize the need to balance energy in business. Your business is a piece of you, almost like a mirror. Balancing your energy will help you bring the best version of yourself to business.

  • The investment for one session is $111 - please contact Kayley for questions about long-term energy healing packages or a payment plan

I had my reiki session with Kayley and it was AMAZING. Very grounding and peaceful experience. Kayley was a delight to work with. She really helped reaffirm my healing journey and that allowed me to be comfortable within my session. I would recommend going to her and definitely would visit her for another session.

“I had a reiki and life alignment session with Kayley. Intent Space is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, peaceful, clean and comforting. I was so nervous when I got there because I didn't know what to expect but Kayley calmed me down and sat with me for a few minutes talking and listening to music. When we got to the session she talked me through the beginning so I knew what to expect- no surprises. Throughout the session I felt relaxed and so in touch with my higher self. I felt safe and comfortable and I trusted her completely. I gained so much insight, clarity and grounding from our first session that I want to go back for more to see what else can be revealed! I received amazing reminders and an insane amount of clarity during our life alignment after reiki. It was exactly what I needed to hear! When I left the session I felt a sense of excitement and positive vibrations through my being. I called my boyfriend and he told me he could hear it in my voice how happy and confident I sounded. Being an entrepreneur myself I know the work it takes to build a business and Kayley has done a wonderful job with making her clients her own. I am truly blessed to have met this beautiful soul and would recommend anyone to go and see her; whether you are at a place where you need healing, direction, self love or just a energetic/vibrational tune up. Thank you Kayley!”