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Your subconscious knows exactly where to go and where to bring you on your healing journey.



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Your deepest knowing, truth, and creativity is stored in the powerhouse that is your subconscious. 


All of your memories, beliefs, and answers

to your deepest desires are waiting to be unlocked. 

My philosophy is that you have all of the answers within you. 


Spiritual Hypnotherapy unveils your custom blueprint of business, health, and healing by accessing your subconscious mind through deep relaxation.

“Hypnotherapy with Kayley is like going to a magical space of healing and nourishment. It’s potent and soothing, and an incredible investment of time and energy.”

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Hi there, I'm Kayley —

Spiritual Hypnotherapist and Business Mentor.

I bring a healthy mix of the feminine and the masculine to my work. I love business, and I equally love exploring the divine mysteries of life. 

Allowing my life to unfurl has been the greatest gift. Allowing is the key word here.

 The journey of reclaiming my wholeness, and seeing myself as worthy, has been a bumpy ride! As I experienced major life transitions, I was challenged at every twist and turn. I resisted what wanted to naturally come through.

Learning to enjoy the ride brought deep healing to my life. I have a natural engagement towards life, expressing the vitality of the moment, receptive and fully absorbed in life’s experiences.