April + May Income Report

Welcome to the April + May Income Report!

I’ve been FULL (not busy, I don’t do busy work) — my plate has been FULL and that’s why these two income reports are combined. I also have some exciting business updates as I’ve been growing and scaling Kayley Robsham Coaching.

If you’re new here, I’ve been publishing income reports since last July!

How was my income in April?

I received $6037.66 before expenses.

If I earned this steadily each month a year salary would be around $72,500.

As an entrepreneur, income is virtually limitless when you have a great marketing strategy and you’re willing to show up! Most people cannot overcome the fear of showing up in their business, or they don’t believe in themselves enough or have money blocks. This is what I’ve learned from coaching so far. It’ s also important to dig into the root cause of these obstacles with a NLP practitioner, coach, therapist, reiki practitioner or alternative healer.

Here is a breakdown of April’s Income:

Coaching: $4792.41
Nannying: $1245.25

How was my income in May?

Wow… I am so excited about this. I was able to shift some limiting beliefs I had about my life with my own coach and I was able to leave my nannying job and almost doubled my income in May by choosing what really lights me up!

I received $11,838.66 before expenses.

If I earned this steadily each month, I would have a year salary around $142,000.

Breakdown of May’s income:

Coaching: $11,007.91

Nannying: $795.75

Resume + Cover Letter Review: $35.00

Thank you so much for supporting me here on my blog, in my business. I feel like I’ve come such a long way since last July when I first started these income reports.

If you’re reading this report and wishing “I wish I could do that too” know that I had some people who didn’t believe I could do it in the beginning of my business when I was making $50/month in November of 2017.

I chose me every single day. I chose my vision and didn’t waver.

I chose to invest in myself where I needed it.

Most importantly, I asked for help, and I was always willing to see things a different way.

Services + Offers in June

Free Book Club

This is my first book club! I’m so excited. We are reading The Highly Sensitive Person book, and you can join the private Facebook group here for reading guidelines and support. We’ll be reading a new book each month. It’s great for accountability and finding community who are interested in similar topics.

Effortless Overflow 3-Week Group Coaching Program

My wealth consciousness group coaching program starts tomorrow Wednesday June 5th. If you’re interested, sign-up here. Payment plans available.

I’m holding a free Path to Wealth Consciousness Masterclass tonight Monday (tonight) June 3rd at 7pm EST. Join here to catch it live or the webinar replay :)

SA Pro to CEO 12-Week Group Coaching Program

I’m looking to welcome cohort #3 to this robust group coaching program. This program has expanded from 3 weeks, to 6 weeks to now 12 weeks of amazing content about starting your own side hustle and business with a group of amazing professionals who range from consultants, to coaches, to podcasters, and Etsy owners.

I’ve invited 4 alumni guest speakers who now run successful businesses, a human design expert, launching and selling expert, and I’ll be chatting about important money mindset concepts and financial literacy as a new entrepreneur. I’m hiring 1 co-coach to help me support this amazing group - and you get access to all the info forever.

If you’re not on the waitlist to receive early bird pricing, sign-up here. The program begins June 25th. I’ll have multiple payment plan options available (which I love about running my own business).

When 30 people sign-up, I’ll be giving a free spot away in the course (one lucky person will receive their investment back), and I’ll be having a raffle to gift one lucky entrepreneur $1111 who needs money to start their business.

1:1 VIP Spots with Kayley

I’m taking on 2 one-on-one clients for private coaching. I’m interested in working with people who want to scale their business to $3k - $6k months and beyond. I’ve scaled my coaching business over one year to $6k and $12k months with organic marketing and now I know what it takes to do so. If you’re interested in leaving your job, or you’re ready to make your side hustle a priority, I recommend this option. Message me on Facebook or Instagram, or kayley.robsham@gmail.com to see if you’re interested.

When you sign-up for a 1:1 spot with me you receive an all access pass to my programs during our time coaching together. You also receive 1/2 off all future coaching programs and alumni rates.

Check out the Leaving Your Student Affairs Job Workbook if you’re ready to find a new job or start your business! These are the tools that helped me shift my mindset and get clear on my desires.


Build Your Own SquareSpace Website

Learn how to build your own SquareSpace website with Louise Henry from Solopreneur Sidekick. Louise is a digital nomad, and I’m currently enrolled in her course Website that Wows. She lays out step-by-step what you need to do to build out your own successful SquareSpace website by yourself. I almost considered hiring someone until I fell in love with her course. She makes building a website so easy! Louise is also a Certified SquareSpace Trainer which put me at ease knowing the course was an amazing lifetime investment.

Louise + I teamed up to offer you a free trial of her course! Enjoy :)

Become Certified Life + Success Coach

After getting my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certifications with Transform Destiny, and lots of questions coming in from my community, I decided to partner with them to uplift their life coaching certification. You can opt for your NLP + Life Coaching Cert, or just pursue the life coaching cert online. I highly recommend both options! After this program, I felt more confident and competent as a coach. Both links are below :) DM me with any questions!

CORE Life + Success Coaching Online Certification

NLP + Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), TIME Techniques + Clinical Hypnotherapy Certifications - 7 day live intensive course

Looking to connect? Follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Rooting for you!


March Income Report + April Intentions

Welcome to the March 2019 Income Report!

Does anyone else feel like the year just took off at light speed!?

Phew, let’s take a moment to breathe together, and remind ourselves that our productivity does not equal our inherent worth. We can find spaces and places that value us and we must value ourselves first.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

If you’re new here, I schedule income dates with myself weekly and monthly to, well, review my finances.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

How was my income in March?

I earned $5739.58 before expenses.

If I earned this steadily each month my annual salary would be around $68,800.

I spent this month studying for my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification which was a week away in Los Angeles, CA and conveniently got to catch up with some of my clients at the NASPA Annual Conference. I was training all day there, and was able to launch my new NLP sessions around releasing limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, and negative emotions. I’m so happy I have this new tool under my belt. If you’re interested in obtaining your life and success coaching certification or the exact certification I went through for NLP check out the links provided.

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like:

Coaching: $4109.08

Nannying: $688.50

Affiliate: $500

NLP Sessions: $442

Workbooks: $0 (took these down to optimize, they are back!!)

Yoga Nidra: $0

Reiki: $0

April Intentions

I really enjoy my schedule when I lean into all four areas of my income, and this month I did not have time to schedule yoga nidra or reiki sessions in person. It’s really nice to have a balance with my energy - and it’s really cool to look at the 7 streams of income I’ve created so far for myself.

I’d love to add blogging as a stream of income in the future, and some smaller mini-courses.

I have a new stream of income I’ll be announcing in May, so stay tuned for that exciting announcement.

Looking ahead

This month I’m launching a womxn’s group coaching program called Worthy.

I’ll be launching my new money mindset course called Un-Shame + Un-Leash - so many of my clients want to heal and uplevel this area of their life, so I decided it’s time to offer this program to anyone who wants a better relationship with money and desires more of it.

I’m prepping for SA Pro to CEO, and so much fun and amazing content is being added as I receive thought downloads about how to optimize the program. It will be growing from 6 weeks to 12 weeks - I’m expecting about 30 people to sign-up, with an opportunity to support 3-5 on a full scholarship for the program. WOOHOO! This feels really good.

Looking to work with me 1:1? Check out my new private coaching page on my website.

I have 2 spots available to start at the end of April/early May.

Send me a direct message or e-mail to see if we’re a good fit.

If you’d like to book one-time deep dive session on business strategy, money mindset, and NLP, email me here: kayley.robsham@gmail.com.

Most of my clients would describe my coaching as “where energy + mindset meets strategy”.

See you next month!

Rooting for you,


February Income Report

Hello fellow worthy human being!

If you’re new to these posts, feel free to check out my transparent track record of becoming a business owner:

July Income Report - $3761.32 + my why for sharing my income

August Income Report - $4281.58

September Income Report - $5592.25

October Income Report - $4149.00

November Income Report - $3979.48

December Income Report - $3390.33

January Income Report - $6392.33

I used to work in student affairs and a higher education startup company and I was done trading time for money.

I knew the value of my work and my worth was much more.

So I left and started my own biz!

I absolutely love working for myself.

I’m falling in love with slow mornings, supporting amazing clients chasing their side hustle or biz dreams, leaving their 9-5s, and of course spending more time with my family and outside in beautiful Florida weather.

I feel FREE to create my own income and my own schedule.
I feel empowered and I want everyone to feel this way.

Thank you for stopping by to read this month’s income report. I’d love to hear from you!

February’s Income Report

I made $6005.08 in February.

This was my second month hitting just over the $6k mark and I really attribute it to creating multiple streams of aligned income, and focusing on doing what I love.

If every month were like this month, my projected revenue for the year will be around $72,060.96.

In my full-time job in higher education I made $2200/month minus taxes. I’ve been able to almost triple my income by working for myself in just over a year. YAHOO!

Here is a breakdown of what my business revenue looked like:

Coaching: $4355.83

Workbooks: $66

Yoga Nidra: $25

Affiliate: $500

Nannying: $1058.25

Expenses didn’t change too much from last month other than cancelling some subscriptions I no longer need. I’m not sure it helps my audience to publish expenses, so I’m thinking about how to best serve my audience and myself next month in this area!

What’s on your radar for the rest of March and April?

Feel free to send me an email to connect or a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Always rooting for you!