January 2020 Revenue Report + Business Updates

January was a month that really brought Gio and I together, right before our wedding in early February, financially, emotionally... our intimacy has been closer than ever. 

I haven't published an income report since last May because it wasn't bringing me joy. I had been publishing income reports since July of 2018 when I held a part-time nannying role. As I continued building revenue and programs, I felt I was judging myself for having low months and high months, and it felt more like an income chase for approval rather than doing it from a place from enough-ness. I was tired of doing all of the things, I launched 3 programs back to back last summer, and I will never do that again #ProjectorLife. I didn't have enough energy to sustain them - being a non-sacral energy type - and I am basically re-doing all of my programs this year and infusing my new energy into them. I hired Marissa Oketayot to help me build out systems and processes to help me scale, and Jane Rodriguez my...

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