Social Media and Building Authentic Online Communities

Gio and I had a conversation yesterday about my the growth of my business, and to be honest, I do believe social media expedited it.

When Facebook and Instagram were down yesterday we talked about, “Okay if social media wasn’t a thing, what would we really be doing?”

I don’t know about you, yesterday gave me some clarity around my values and where I’m spending my time.



Here’s some of what I reflected on yesterday:

I love community, it’s one of my core values.

I noticed I’m weary of coaches and service providers who hyper focus on their individual success without bringing their community along with them - unless it’s a paid container.

I understand having boundaries. I notice that many coaches and service providers keep you at an arm’s length if you’re not paying. Something I struggled with over the past year.

Is this person my friend after working with them? Am I part of their community? Do they even have...

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Instagram and Facebook are down LOL - Three Things You Can Do Right Now

SO... Facebook and Instagram are down again

I've learned not to take social media so seriously. Just because it goes away (or one day will) doesn't mean my valued connections go away.


If you're freaking out because Facebook and Instagram are how you primarily receive clients and money, here are a three things you can do right now


1. Send an email to your subscribers and community acknowledging what's going on. Like this one I'm sending to you right now.

Creating points of connection reminds your community they are loved and safe. I appreciate YOU and I want you to know that you can run a business without Instagram and Facebook. Let them know where they can connect with you in the meantime


2. Evaluate the role of social media in your business.

What would it mean for you to shift and pivot?

Are there other platforms you want to be on?

I just revived my LinkedIn account today, and I'm generally a fan of ...

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