Social Media and Building Authentic Online Communities

Gio and I had a conversation yesterday about my the growth of my business, and to be honest, I do believe social media expedited it.

When Facebook and Instagram were down yesterday we talked about, “Okay if social media wasn’t a thing, what would we really be doing?”

I don’t know about you, yesterday gave me some clarity around my values and where I’m spending my time.



Here’s some of what I reflected on yesterday:

I love community, it’s one of my core values.

I noticed I’m weary of coaches and service providers who hyper focus on their individual success without bringing their community along with them - unless it’s a paid container.

I understand having boundaries. I notice that many coaches and service providers keep you at an arm’s length if you’re not paying. Something I struggled with over the past year.

Is this person my friend after working with them? Am I part of their community? Do they even have...

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