Social Media and Building Authentic Online Communities

Gio and I had a conversation yesterday about my the growth of my business, and to be honest, I do believe social media expedited it.

When Facebook and Instagram were down yesterday we talked about, “Okay if social media wasn’t a thing, what would we really be doing?”

I don’t know about you, yesterday gave me some clarity around my values and where I’m spending my time.



Here’s some of what I reflected on yesterday:

I love community, it’s one of my core values.

I noticed I’m weary of coaches and service providers who hyper focus on their individual success without bringing their community along with them - unless it’s a paid container.

I understand having boundaries. I notice that many coaches and service providers keep you at an arm’s length if you’re not paying. Something I struggled with over the past year.

Is this person my friend after working with them? Am I part of their community? Do they even have...

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Instagram and Facebook are down LOL - Three Things You Can Do Right Now

SO... Facebook and Instagram are down again

I've learned not to take social media so seriously. Just because it goes away (or one day will) doesn't mean my valued connections go away.


If you're freaking out because Facebook and Instagram are how you primarily receive clients and money, here are a three things you can do right now


1. Send an email to your subscribers and community acknowledging what's going on. Like this one I'm sending to you right now.

Creating points of connection reminds your community they are loved and safe. I appreciate YOU and I want you to know that you can run a business without Instagram and Facebook. Let them know where they can connect with you in the meantime


2. Evaluate the role of social media in your business.

What would it mean for you to shift and pivot?

Are there other platforms you want to be on?

I just revived my LinkedIn account today, and I'm generally a fan of ...

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January 2020 Revenue Report + Business Updates

January was a month that really brought Gio and I together, right before our wedding in early February, financially, emotionally... our intimacy has been closer than ever. 

I haven't published an income report since last May because it wasn't bringing me joy. I had been publishing income reports since July of 2018 when I held a part-time nannying role. As I continued building revenue and programs, I felt I was judging myself for having low months and high months, and it felt more like an income chase for approval rather than doing it from a place from enough-ness. I was tired of doing all of the things, I launched 3 programs back to back last summer, and I will never do that again #ProjectorLife. I didn't have enough energy to sustain them - being a non-sacral energy type - and I am basically re-doing all of my programs this year and infusing my new energy into them. I hired Marissa Oketayot to help me build out systems and processes to help me scale, and Jane Rodriguez my...

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#incomereport Jun 03, 2019

Welcome to the April + May Income Report!

I’ve been FULL (not busy, I don’t do busy work) — my plate has been FULL and that’s why these two income reports are combined. I also have some exciting business updates as I’ve been growing and scaling Kayley Robsham Coaching.

If you’re new here, I’ve been publishing income reports since last July!

How was my income in April?

I received $6037.66 before expenses.

If I earned this steadily each month a year salary would be around $72,500.

As an entrepreneur, income is virtually limitless when you have a great marketing strategy and you’re willing to show up! Most people cannot overcome the fear of showing up in their business, or they don’t believe in themselves enough or have money blocks. This is what I’ve learned from coaching so far. It’ s also important to dig into the root cause of these obstacles with a NLP practitioner, coach, therapist, reiki practitioner or...

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#incomereport Apr 07, 2019

Welcome to the March 2019 Income Report!

Does anyone else feel like the year just took off at light speed!?

Phew, let’s take a moment to breathe together, and remind ourselves that our productivity does not equal our inherent worth. We can find spaces and places that value us and we must value ourselves first.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

If you’re new here, I schedule income dates with myself weekly and monthly to, well, review my finances.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

How was my income in March?

I earned $5739.58 before expenses.

If I earned this steadily each month my annual salary would be around $68,800.

I spent this month studying for my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification which was a week away in Los Angeles, CA and conveniently got to catch up with some of my clients at the NASPA Annual Conference. I was training all day there, and was able to launch my new NLP sessions around releasing limiting beliefs, limiting...

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#incomereport Mar 21, 2019

Hello fellow worthy human being!

If you’re new to these posts, feel free to check out my transparent track record of becoming a business owner:

July Income Report - $3761.32 + my why for sharing my income

August Income Report - $4281.58

September Income Report - $5592.25

October Income Report - $4149.00

November Income Report - $3979.48

December Income Report - $3390.33

January Income Report - $6392.33

I used to work in student affairs and a higher education startup company and I was done trading time for money.

I knew the value of my work and my worth was much more.

So I left and started my own biz!

I absolutely love working for myself.

I’m falling in love with slow mornings, supporting amazing clients chasing their side hustle or biz dreams, leaving their 9-5s, and of course spending more time with my family and outside in beautiful Florida weather.

I feel FREE to create my own income and my own schedule.
I feel empowered and I want everyone to feel this...

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#incomereport Feb 03, 2019

January is over and 2019 has been off to a great start!

I had a lot of requests for what my expenses look like, so I’m sharing that too.

I started this series in July of 2018, so feel free to head there on more about my “why” for sharing my income publicly (click here).


January’s Income Report

I made $6392.33 in total for January.

This is my biggest revenue generating month to date - my second was in September at around $5k.

If every month were like this month, my projected revenue for the year will be around $76,700.

In November and December, I was battling mild adrenal fatigue because I was overstimulated after transitioning back to the States after meditating for a month in Bali (I know, poor me right?). I learned a lot about myself. In order to CREATE I truly need to “slow down to speed up” and this held true for January.

Last year I invested all of the money I made back into my business. This means I didn’t pay taxes.


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#incomereport Jan 09, 2019

left my job January 2nd, 2018 and felt complete relief.

Now I get to look back on one entire year of building my business and serving student affairs professionals who have wanted to create their own business or side hustle as well!

I worked with clients in three different countries: the United States, Mexico + Bali, Indonesia. I taught them how to gain confidence in building and launching their business.

I also supported student affairs professionals who wanted to leave their job who were on the search for optimum work/life integration.

Overall 2018 was a really great year!

My intention for 2019 is WILD EXPANSION. And unencumbered growth.

I’m focused on serving more people and sharing my message. I’m so passionate about helping people align with who they are and creating a business or profitable side hustle so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck. The clients I attract are focused on financial freedom/independence and want to feel more ALIVE.

Here, I recap December...

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#incomereport Dec 17, 2018

It’s been hard transitioning back from Bali y’all.

I feel like I’ve been procrastinating on “work”, but I’ve been completely overstimulated by technology, people, and being back in real life in the United States.

I’ve reflected on what I want my life to be like, and one day, it will be far away from a computer and smartphones.

On that note… let’s begin!

Welcome to November’s Income Report!

First off: HI MOM!!!

Shoutout to one of my biggest supporters who reads my blog every month. She was one of the first people to sign-up for my newsletter, and she recently told me that she opens and reads each one, each word. I’m so grateful for her support. She is my best friend!

As I write this, I realize this is the first month I wasn’t glued to balancing my income and expenses. I missed 2 money dates which is out of the ordinary for me, I usually sit down every week with a nice cup of coffee and express gratitude for my...

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#incomereport Nov 14, 2018

Welcome to October’s income report!

In July, I wrote my first income report and it was SO popular, that I decided to continue providing these each month.

How was my business income in October?

I earned $4149.00 in October, before expenses. 

I think this is my second largest month to date. In September, I celebrated my first 5k month.

I made $1443.25 less than I did in September because I traveled to Bali, Indonesia and was offline for practically the whole month. I’m still celebrating this awesome accomplishment! If I had a month like this every month, my yearly salary would be $49,788.00.

Here is a breakdown of what my income looked like

Coaching: $4149

Nannying: $0
Reiki: $0

Affiliate income: $0

In October I focused on creating space in my life and in my business (which for me are the same).

The community group Higher Ed Entrepreneurs & Student Affairs Side Hustlers continues to grow. This is a Facebook group where you can...

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